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C&C Shorts

2007-07-31 15:25:18 by Pajulus

Hi everybody, I`m currently working in my next work C&C Shorts.
I`m making the menu of the series just like Emperor: Battle for Dune.
Maybe you`re thinking "Why Battle for Dune?". Because Emperor was a "crossover" between EA Games and Westwood. The Graphics (SAGE Engine) of C&C Generals with the playability of C&C and Dune.

C&C Shorts will have a Storyline and everything will start in the Chinese/Russian border.
Russia (RA2) vs China.
When it`s ready I will continue the "story" in the United States. Allied (RA2) vs USA (Generals)

Here is a screenshot of the menu of C&C Shorts. Hope you enjoy it.

C&C Shorts


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2007-08-25 12:13:17

Im looking forward to your next flash animation. ill just say that i like your animation style ^^

Pajulus responds:



2007-09-24 13:09:44

cant wait (wonderin how the other team will react from seein each other in thier universes)


2007-10-26 12:18:14

Thats a really nice menu you got there. Keep up the good work!


2008-07-06 22:37:43

1 hint for scrin in CNC3 tiberium wars Annihilator tripod or mothership here is a picture ame/tw/ingame/scrin/unit/mothership.j pg


2008-11-20 23:26:03

i cant wait for your flash animation to come out. i would really like to see it now.


2009-02-01 08:42:04

looking forward to this, im a c&c fan^^


2009-04-26 22:22:44

DOn't tell me its dead

Pajulus responds:

I`m not sure if It could be called dead, its just that its a very hard project, I would have to practice too much, BUT I never said I will never do it, I have the idea of mind :D


2009-05-07 07:50:48

I'll be waiting, Pajulus. It's too long and there has been no episodes right now.


2009-06-08 03:08:36

Delete my comment above: And by the way, if you want to make another episode, I suggest you play C & C Red Alert 3, there's a new faction: Empire of the Rising Sun. Visit if you want more knowledge about the Command and Conquer universe.

Pajulus responds:

I play RA3, and I think that adding the Empire would be a nice idea


2009-07-12 23:09:54

hola PajuluS! soy yo cyberi97 de deviantart^^


2010-04-16 00:48:26

Man, It's been too long! Should I mark your project to be in "development hell"?


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