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C&C Shorts

2007-07-31 15:25:18 by Pajulus

Hi everybody, I`m currently working in my next work C&C Shorts.
I`m making the menu of the series just like Emperor: Battle for Dune.
Maybe you`re thinking "Why Battle for Dune?". Because Emperor was a "crossover" between EA Games and Westwood. The Graphics (SAGE Engine) of C&C Generals with the playability of C&C and Dune.

C&C Shorts will have a Storyline and everything will start in the Chinese/Russian border.
Russia (RA2) vs China.
When it`s ready I will continue the "story" in the United States. Allied (RA2) vs USA (Generals)

Here is a screenshot of the menu of C&C Shorts. Hope you enjoy it.

C&C Shorts